Our Mission is simple

To be the Blue Riband for the Next Generation of Pilot Training in India

We will deliver Confident and Competent Pilots and we will do this safely and securely. Every pilot that qualifies through our courses will be prepared to succeed in the aviation industry. We are training the pilots of the future, which is why we set the bar so high for both our instructors and students.

We are committed to the Wellbeing of our Pilots, which is reflected in our innovative and creative programs that foster a culture of excellence. We understand the value of a supportive and nurturing environment, and we strive to provide our pilots with the resources and tools they need to succeed in their careers. Through our commitment to excellence we aim to establish a benchmark of exceptional standards in the aviation industry.

Our Mission is simple:

From flying Glider Planes to becoming a Commercial Pilot to the Dawn of Blue Angels Air

It all started with the story of a little girl from Chennai in southern India who grew up wanting to be a pilot. She could hardly wait to finish her schooling before she started flying glider planes at the Indian Airforce airfield in Tambaram where she attained her Glider Pilot’s License while pursuing her bachelors in economics. She later went on to become a Commercial Pilot. Her love and passion was not just limited to herself but her desire to make every young boy and girl’s dream of becoming a Pilot into a reality.

So with all her knowledge, passion and experience she founded Blue Angels Air and is determined to make it the best Pilot training academy in India, delivering the Next Generation of India’s Pilots in a safe and secure manner.

The little girl was Althea Paul, Founder & CEO of Blue Angels Air.


The ability to listen, learn & adapt is central to the Blue Angels Philosophy

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