Pilot Training

Choosing an aviation school is an important decision and you should know exactly what your goals are, before you make this decision.

Knowing your goals for learning to fly, will help us guide you along the path to the right certificate and all the rewards that flying has to offer.

For Fun! Whether you want to just poke holes in the sky around your home airport or fly to the beach for the weekend, learning to fly expands your options for fun.

Go Pro! Professional pilot career cover so much more than flying heavy metal.

Once you’ve decided to become a professional airline pilot, your first step is to get the right information and find an aviation school that can accommodate your needs. There are many aviation schools available, but it’s important that you choose one that will help you achieve your goals, and give you the training and skills you need to excel as a qualified pilot. You need to choose the right course and get training from skilled, qualified personnel that are passionate about what they do. A good school will have a comprehensive program that teaches you everything you need to know to become a top-notch airline pilot.

    Blue Angels Air offers you

  •    The best flight training at Delta Qualiflight Aviation, Dallas, Texas U.S.A
  •    Our extended team in Dallas will assist you with accommodation
  •    Assistance with your DGCA documentation
  •    Coaching class for written examination
  •    Airline interview preparation

Why Delta Qualiflight Aviation Academy is our preferred choice for you?

Modular Courses

An FAA Private Pilot License requires training that covers all of the theoretical and practical knowledge to operate the airplane safely and authorizes the holder of the license to act as Pilot in Command of a civil aircraft. In other words, you are now cleared to be in charge of the airplane and can now pursue the Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot Licenses. At Delta Qualiflight, you will train on the single-engine Piper Warrior II for the Private Pilot Airplane Single Engine Land course.

Private Pilot

An FAA Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (ATP) is the highest of all licenses and the start of reaching the apex of the profession. It allows the holder to act as Pilot in Command of an airline aircraft, meaning you can be the Captain with your ATP License. Both single engine and multi-engine ATP courses are offered.

Airline Transport Pilot

An FAA Commercial Pilot License allows the holder to fly for compensation or hire. In other words, you can seek employment and get paid to fly with a Commercial License. Both the multi-engine and single engine commercial pilot courses are offered at Delta Qualiflight. For the Commercial training, you will fly the single-engine Warrior II and multi-engine Seneca.

Commercial Pilot

Instrument Rating

An FAA Instrument Rating gives the holder of a Private or Commercial License the additional privilege of flying IFR (Instrument Flight Rules). An instrument rated pilot can fly purely by reference to the flight instruments in situations where navigation by a line of sight is not possible. This means you can fly in the clouds as an instrument rated pilot, giving you a great deal more freedom to fly in conditions that would keep a non-instrument pilot on the ground.

Flight Instructor

An FAA Flight Instructor License allows the holder to teach pilots how to fly. As an instructor, you pass on what you have learned to others and gain valuable experience in the process. To become a flight instructor you must first have a Commercial Pilot License and as a commercial pilot you will already know the theoretical and practical aspects of flying airplanes, so the focus of instructor training is developing the ability to effectively teach others. Through teaching, you can attain a much deeper knowledge of the material and so the more your students learn the more you will learn as well. Certified Flight Instructor courses for Airplane Single Engine Land, Multi-Engine land and Instrument are offered.

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