Air Ambulance

Every life is of immense value, let not a flight be an obstacle. Blue Angels Air would like to be the Life Wing of your Healthcare.

Air Ambulance should be affordable and easily accessible especially in a growing economy like India where we pride in being the world’s best in the medical field.

The immediate nature of organ transplant transportation is becoming more and more difficult without the use of private jet charter transport. Private jet rental for air ambulance is not only used for transporting critically ill patients, organs, but also for the transportation of doctors & medical equipment to critical locations. Cases such as these highly time-sensitive situations including the transportation of injured persons are greatly aided by the on-demand nature of private jet charter. Time sensitive deliveries of transportation such as these are almost impossible to transport simply by ground delivery. The variables brought on by potential traffic may cause the loss of life in these extreme circumstances where the organ in question cannot reach its intended destination on time.

The advantages brought to you by Blue Angels Air ambulance charter start with the ability to fly out of the nearest airport of your hospital, shaving off hours possibly from the total time of transportation. The privacy and speed brought by chartering an air ambulance are incomparable to other methods of transportation. Since Blue Angels operate around the clock, you can count on us when the organ becomes available. We understand that organ retrievals require an immediate response. With only a few hours’ notice, our team can make last minute charter arrangements. It is our continued commitment to provide you with the best aviation solutions for your Healthcare so to reach out to many lives across the globe.

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