Our team

Althea (Founder)

One of my greatest joys is being a Pilot; there is a great sense of freedom in soaring through the sky. It gives a different perspective from up above, seeing things that aren’t so apparent from the ground. A professional corporate and pilot, I have learned diverse and complicated skills, but more importantly I understand the power of integrity, leadership, organizational behavior, strength of character and the intelligence of humor. Armed with these skills, I can handle emergencies with focus and positive results. In my twenty+ years across varied industries, I have worked in all aspects of a business.

My experiences are backed by education from Stella Maris College where I earned my BA in Economics. I have completed my flight training from Delta Qualiflight Aviation, U.S.A and hold a Commercial Pilot Licence. I am passionate about the aviation industry and am always amazed how it has changed & still is changing the world. With this in mind I just don’t let my heart settle in a cage, for it is the desires in my heart which gave birth to Blue Angels Air Services where honesty, passion & customer delight is the foundation on which this company is formed and the flight to greater heights has just begun.

Dinesh (Advisor)

As an aviation enthusiast I started my career by laying the platform as a Certified Flight Instructor with over 3000 hrs of experience and have trained over 450 cadet pilots and over 25 ab initio pilots from 0 to CPL worldwide. I am a certified spin trainer, advanced ground instructor, certified ELP examiner GCAA, certified ATC pseudo pilot and currently an Airline Pilot, flying Boeing 737. My experience as a ground instructor at Delta Qualiflight Aviation, Texas along with a Flight Instructor rating from SunState Aviation Academy, Florida further qualified me to a Chief Instructor at Delta – India region.

As a step up, I was invited by Fujairah Aviation Academy, UAE and continued Flight Instruction to train new spectrum of military and civil pilots from UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kenya, Afghanistan & Kuwait. As one of the elements to my credentials, I am also a certified ELP ( English Language Proficiency) examiner and have conducted over 150 tests for Air Arabia Pilots in the United Arab Emirates and also a certified aircraft release check pilot. I have also been a cadet Pilot with Cathay Pacific Airways, Hongkong.

Gynell (International Partner – U.S.A)

With over 17 years of experience in the DFW real estate market, I truly understand the diverse needs of my clients. Our goal at Blue Angel is for students arriving in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex to have safe, affordable accommodations with all the required amenities within reasonable proximity to the flight school their attending.

We constantly review and maintain a database of housing option to include apartments, corporate housing, apartment hotels and shared accommodation. I will match your housing with your needs and budget so you can focus on your main goal your Schooling. We sincerely look forward to working with you.

Pilots are just Plane people ! ! !