About us

Blue Angels Air Services Pvt Ltd has been established with the aim of providing best in class solutions and services for Pilot Training, Air Ambulance & Private Charters.

Our mission is to be the trusted advisor and service provider of choice to the most sophisticated private aviation consumers, both businesses and individuals and to help, assist & develop world class trained pilots for the Indian aviation industry. With this vision in mind, our dedication, service & culture of excellence will be the foundation for the growth & success of Blue Angels Air.

Safety, peace of mind & cost savings are all part of the Blue Angels Air route experience. We care about your success, which is why we have partnered with a leading international flight school to help Indian students meet the compliance requirement of the Directorate of General Civil Aviation (DGCA) for students wishing to start their flying career. And we strongly believe that the future for Aviation in India is growing with increasing opportunities within the aviation industry. We work with leading aircraft operators to offer you the best selection and the most competitive prices for your itinerary. We’re about people. Our service is as varied and dynamic as our clients. We put our clients at the center of every decision we make. Blue Angels Air will create the perfect experience on a flight for those who believe in reaching far beyond the highest height.

Feel free to contact us with your individual needs & we will help you determine what is required.

We help people give flight to their impossibly “BIG” dreams.