Everyone dreams of flying
turn those dreams into reality
Life is a journey, Travel well
Flight of Passion
And The journey within
Think ahead of your airplane


Pilot Training

Choosing an aviation school is an important decision and you should know exactly what your goals are before you make this decision.

Once you’ve decided to become a professional airline pilot, your first step is to get the right information and find an aviation school that can accommodate your needs. With the academy being based at the ideal location of Meacham International Airport, Fort Worth Dallas, at Delta Qualiflight Aviation you will acquire your new skills in both an educational and challenging environment.

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Private Charters

Time is Money and at Blue Angels Air we shall help you save both. If you could fly from one destination to the next with no lines, minimal airport security, wouldn’t you?

Chartering a private flight may seem like an extravagance, but when you weigh the benefits against the costs, you may find that paying a little extra is worth the freedom, privacy and convenience that comes with your own jet.
Blue Angels Air will create the perfect experience on a flight for those who believe in reaching far beyond the highest height.

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Air Ambulance

Every life is of immense value, let not a flight be an obstacle. Blue Angels Air would like to be the Life Wing of your Healthcare.
Air Ambulance should be affordable and easily accessible especially in a growing economy like India where we pride in being the world’s best in the medical field.

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